Miamiopia: Free Game Based Learning

Studies have found that using multimedia learning material can increase not only student’s motivation and interest in subject matter but increase the amount of information that the brain can process (Valsta & Rydland, 2010).  Miamiopia is a free online virtual world in which students create their own Miamiopian avatar. The World of Miamiopia is where balloons go when they escape from the hands of a human. Once here, these balloons […]


Image: SMART Notebook Gallery Image A little early, but I will revisit this blog post later.  I have uploaded some SMART Notebook documents which I have created. You may download them and use them for educational purposes. I have also included a short video explaining elements of the Notebook documents. Hal_Hist_JVillis (updated 24/10) EY_Hal_JVilis Hal_Exp_JVillis Hal_Pyt_Th_JVillis Halloween Attendance Notebook By CLandry Halloween Adjectives By N deBettencourt Revolting Recipes Comprehension (scroll half […]

Play Outside: GeoHunt app

GeoHunt uses the iPad’s GPS chip in order for students to create their own GeoHunts. Students enter clues, answers and pin locations in order to create their GeoHunt. Once students have created their GeoHunt , peers need to solve the clues and then physically go to the location in the answer, not just find it on a virtual map. This will trigger the next clue and so on until the […]


A teacher at my school recently asked about cloud computing. Dropbox is free cloud computing which enables you to ‘drop’ or ‘save’ your documents in the cloud. Below is a short video demonstration on how to get started.

Review: Notebook for iPad app

One of my major concerns for schools when purchasing the Notebook iPad app is that schools need to realise that the “Notebook for iPad app does not communicate directly with the SMART Board. That means that you cannot collaborate on the same Notebook file on the SMART Board and the iPad simultaneously. While this has never been a feature promised by SMART, many people have this misconception” (James Hollis). For […]

Sky Dome

I don’t normally promote products or services which cost money but Sky Watch Astronomy Education Programs are sensational experiences for students. Dean Davidson from the Astronomy Society of SA (based in Adelaide, Australia) visits your school with a 3D Mirror Dome which enables students to view spectacular 360 degree images. Students at my school experienced the Earth’s Wild Ride showcasing moments in the Earth’s history, with dinosaur extinctions, volcanoes, floods […]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Notebook Resources

‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, by Eric Carle is a beautiful children’s book which integrates elements of time, number, health and science. Eric Carle reads the story below: SparkleBox is a free site which provides beautiful PDF’s related to texts such as the one above. Teachers can download the PDFs from the website and then use the images to create interactive SMART Notebook resources like the ones shown in the video […]

Duck Duck Go and Quintura : Search engines

Duck Duck Go is an Internet search engines which emphasises privacy as it does not record user information. This search engine is suitable for secondary students. For Primary students, you may like to explore Quintura for Kids. Students view a Quintura cloud, making it easier for them to visually navigate and easily refine relevant information more efficiently. Video demonstration will appear shortly.

The history of Lego

I thought the video  below might be useful in order to create an educational program about the history of Lego or just a one off lesson. I have been working on a history unit about the Sisters of Mercy with my class and we have been exploring time lines. I am going to use this video to model how to create a time line of events. Most of us have […]

What’s it made of?

I created the two Notebook documents below based on the  Australian Primary Connection Science Unit : What’s it made of? A copy of the unit of the unit of work can be purchased from . The Notebooks below  are designed for Reception students (5 year olds) and focus on identifying what materials are made of.  If you do not have SMART Notebook software you can download SMART Notebook InteractiveViewer for […]