Creating digital porfolios with SMART Notebook

You can use SMART Notebook software to create digital portfolios for your students. All you need to do is to create one document with activities and learning tasks that you would like your students to engage with. You can include instructions, images, links, videos, 3D content, sound, flash content and anything else that you can think of. Once you have created your document simply create duplicate copies and rename each […]

Digital and paper working together

The video above demonstrates the digital world in which our young students are engaging. I believe that young children need to be exposed to  digital books as well as electonic books. I would hate to see picture books become a component of history lessons! Electronic books which can be displayed through the SMARTboard are ideal for class use as all students can clearly see the pages.  However, teachers can use a […]

Motivational : Which cat are you?

3 cats explore an iPad. The first cat is intensively curious at the beginning, jumps in/plays and then walks away.  The second cat, watches, explores, persists and stays. The third cat sits and watches, puts its paw in and tries to ignore it. Then, after realising that it won’t go away, the cat jumps in and explores the technology. Which cat are you?  

iPad Mini and Top 60 free apps for 2012 is unashamedly geeky about technology and they are the largest UK-based consumer technology news and reviews site. The iPad Mini link will provide you with updated information about the release date and what the iPad  will have to offer. In terms of Education, I think the predicted cost of the iPad Mini is more realistic for most schools compared to the current cost of the iPad. I recently blogged […] offers free sound clips for download in either wav or mp3 format. For SMART board users you will need to download the sound file as a mp3 in order to insert it into a SMART Notebook document. Once you have downloaded the sound file, right click on an word/image, select the drop down menu, select ‘sound’, ‘browse’ and then find your sound file. I like because no ‘sign […]

Word Shake

                Wordshake is a game which you can play on any interactive whiteboard. Students are given 3 minutes to create as many words from the letters which were shaken and then displayed on the smartboard. Source:

SMARTboard introductory lesson videos

Andy is  an e-learning advisor at the University of Roehampton, in Southwest London. He has many roles, one of which involves training lecturers and trainee teachers in the use of Interactive Whiteboards. He has been a user of SMARTboards for about 6 years and has given me permission to share his introductory lesson videos on this edublog. All videos go for less than 5 minutes are a great start for new SMARTboard […]