Creating Stick Figure Animations using PowerPoint

Today, a student in year 8 who works under the online name of Handanez, demonstrated how to create stop action animations using PowerPoint, her work was inspirational. The animations are created using a succession of slides to create the illusion of movement. With minimum time, students can create their own basic ‘movie’. Below is a simple step by step guide, on how to create stick figure animations. 1. ENGAGE: Show students […]

Looking for a free web hosting service for students?

Weebly is a free web hosting service featuring an easy drag and drop interface. My son, who is in Year 6, recently came home excited about his ‘Weebly Assignment’. His assignment was to create a Weebly web site in order to present his research/knowledge about diversity in Australia. The assignment was set by his Year 6/7 Teacher, Matthew Jessett and the criteria for the assignment can be downloaded below: MiddleYears_Weebly_MJessett […]

Rubrics: Tools for teachers and students

Rubrics are visual scoring tools that lay out the specific expectations for an evaluation. They divide the assessment criteria into its component parts and provide a description of what constitutes acceptable or unacceptable levels of performance for each of those parts (Stevens & Levi, 2005). I use rubrics with my Year 3 students based on the A-E grading system with an A represented by 5 points and an E represented […]

Twas the Night Before Christmas Resources (Middle Primary)

I created the Notebook document below which you are welcome to use for educational purposes. It is based on the poem, ‘Twas the night before Christmas’. The poem was first published anonymously in the Troy, New  York, Sentinel on December 23, 1823, and was reprinted  frequently thereafter with no name attached. Clement Clarke Moore (July 15, 1779 – July 10, 1863)  who was an American  professor of Oriental and Greek […]

Free Christmas iPad apps for JP

This is the season to be jolly, treat your students or children with free iPad apps this season. I have listed some iPad apps which are free  for you to share this season. For previous Chrismtas resources blogged follow this link. Free Story Books: Twas the Night Before Jasper’s Christmas (Kindergarten/Reception) Join Jasper the dog and Smiley the cat in their take on this classic Christmas tale! It will help put […]

Creating Christmas Animations using PowerPoint and SMART Notebook

Simon Houghton  recently blogged an article which provides step by step instructions for teachers/students in relation to creating short animated GIF images of Christmas trees with flashing lights and stars  using PowerPoint. The procedure is easy to follow and is a great ICT lesson for the end of the year! I set this as an extension activity for several of my ICT savvy students in Year 3 today. Source: Carolyn Lewis, St Aloysius College […]

Planning and Assessing with the Australian Curriculum

I have embedded a 4 minute video demonstration on how I currently approach programming and assessment (using rubrics), with the Australian Curriculum. I didn’t create the original programming proforma myself, I adapted it to meet my needs. I currently base my assessment rubrics on the Draft Performance Expectations and Indicators which are being developed by the CEO. From these draft documents, I select key assessment words or add my own in order […]

Tag Galaxy: Free flickr flash application

Everyday our students are bombarded with countless images through digital media. Tag Galaxy is a flash application that can be used in the context of the classroom, to model and explore the reading and writing of visual texts through Flickr photo images. Tag Galaxy uses Papervision3D with transition effects via virtual planetary systems. You enter a tag and related tags appear as planetary systems, enabling students to visualize words, ideas, […]

Dyscalculia: A quick introduction and teaching resources

Dyscalculia is a cognitive disability which affects between 2-5 % of the population. Dyscalculia is a specific learning disability affecting the acquisition of arithmetic skills. The difference between people with dyscalculia and people who just are not good at Math, is that dyscalculia can affect students who have a high IQ, regularly attend school, have supportive backgrounds and yet they are unable to do what everyone else in their class is […]