Dyscalculia: A quick introduction and teaching resources

Dyscalculia is a cognitive disability which affects between 2-5 % of the population. Dyscalculia is a specific learning disability affecting the acquisition of arithmetic skills. The difference between people with dyscalculia and people who just are not good at Math, is that dyscalculia can affect students who have a high IQ, regularly attend school, have supportive backgrounds and yet they are unable to do what everyone else in their class is […]

Study Ladder: Rapid Recall (free)

Study Ladder is free for schools. Teachers have access to all of the resources; students have full access during school hours with limited homework access from home (3 activities per day), unless a home subscription is purchased. However, students have unlimited access to Study Ladder’s Rapid Recall because you are not required to login. I have used Study Ladder’s Rapid Recall twice a day, four times a week over the last […]