Creating Christmas Animations using PowerPoint and SMART Notebook

Simon Houghton  recently blogged an article which provides step by step instructions for teachers/students in relation to creating short animated GIF images of Christmas trees with flashing lights and stars  using PowerPoint. The procedure is easy to follow and is a great ICT lesson for the end of the year! I set this as an extension activity for several of my ICT savvy students in Year 3 today. Source: Carolyn Lewis, St Aloysius College […]

Planning and Assessing with the Australian Curriculum

I have embedded a 4 minute video demonstration on how I currently approach programming and assessment (using rubrics), with the Australian Curriculum. I didn’t create the original programming proforma myself, I adapted it to meet my needs. I currently base my assessment rubrics on the Draft Performance Expectations and Indicators which are being developed by the CEO. From these draft documents, I select key assessment words or add my own in order […]