Looking for a free web hosting service for students?

Weebly is a free web hosting service featuring an easy drag and drop interface. My son, who is in Year 6, recently came home excited about his ‘Weebly Assignment’. His assignment was to create a Weebly web site in order to present his research/knowledge about diversity in Australia. The assignment was set by his Year 6/7 Teacher, Matthew Jessett and the criteria for the assignment can be downloaded below: MiddleYears_Weebly_MJessett […]

Rubrics: Tools for teachers and students

Rubrics are visual scoring tools that lay out the specific expectations for an evaluation. They divide the assessment criteria into its component parts and provide a description of what constitutes acceptable or unacceptable levels of performance for each of those parts (Stevens & Levi, 2005). I use rubrics with my Year 3 students based on the A-E grading system with an A represented by 5 points and an E represented […]