Infotopia: Free educational search engine

Infotopia  is a free, Google alternative  search engine for students, accessing only trusted websites which have previously been selected by a range of educators. Student searches are categorised under subject headings and then the search is narrowed by visual images/icons of the accredited websites. Do I use it? Not yet, I will trial it in 2013 with my new class. Advertising does appear on this search engine. Scroll down for […]

Lino- Sticky: Free online brainstorming resource

Lino-Sticky note is a free online canvas service which requires nothing more than a web browser and enables you to brainstorm ideas by posting ‘sticky notes’ and/or share photos. You can sign up for free and share your ideas with a selected group, which is great for online collaboration. It is also available for iPad/iPhone and Android. I wouldn’t use it with Primary students but secondary teachers may find it […]

Looking for Jan 2013 Holiday Professional Development Training?

Inter-tech Education are offering 2 new sessions during the January 2013 school holidays. Please note: New sessions and new location!                 Professional Development Title 1: How to create your own website with user friendly tools! Date: 18th January 2013, 9:00-3:30 Descriptor: Throughout this day you will learn how to create your own website using a free educational web platform. Basic computing skills are […]

Cyber Smart

Lee and Kim’s Adventure is a new resources which is great for students in Year 3-4. It introduces online environments in a student friendly way. Copacabana have also put together a very comprehensive list of engaging websites in relation to teaching students to become Cyber Smart. There is something for every year level.

Text2MindMap: Free Concept Map Web tool

Text2MindMap is a free Web tool which allows students to create a concept map using text. Furthermore, there is no sign up or log in required! Students type their text and then select options. Options allows students to edit the font, colour and line style. Once students have completed their concept map they can save it as a PNG (image) or PDF (document). There is also the option for students to share […]