Back to school for Australia

      Most Australian schools are back in action tomorrow. Study ladder, provides free online educational and interactive resources for students in Australia, Canada, UK, US and New Zealand. They have released a ‘Survival Guide’ for Australian teachers for their first week back. Not that I think we need to ‘survive’ so to speak, but there are a range of printable worksheets  which teachers can use to get to […]

Little Monkey Apps for the early years

Friends of Ten app is one of the many great apps for the early years created by Little Monkey Apps  . Using this app students are introduced to an early understanding of numbers to ten, counting objects to ten, subitising – recognising a collection of objects without counting them, counting on from a higher number, partitioning of objects and the combinations that make ten 8+2, 2+8, 1+9, 3+7 etc. There […]

Distractions of modern technology

“It is undeniable that modern technology is the way  of the futures but as modern technology becomes clearly integrated with our lives we need to be aware of its effects on us and society as a whole. For this new technology to be a benefactor of the human race people need to realise that it doesn’t hurt to take time out from our social networks and YouTube videos. Computers and […]

Free Widgets for SMART Notebook Software

Yesterday I uploaded a blog post about widgets for websites. If you don’t have a website you can attend a training day (see events) and learn how to create one. However, did you know that there are also free widgets for SMART Notebook software which you can download for free from SMART Exchange? I have recorded a short video tutorial explaining how to do this. My favorite widgets are the […]

In computing, a web widget is a software widget for the web. It is a small application with limited functionality that can be installed within a web page. is a website which enables you to view, copy html code and then past the code into your own website. Why is this useful for teachers? Well, I embedded the free ‘under water world mathematics times table widget’ (which appears below) […]

Math & Science apps for Year 3-6 students

Meteor Math ($0.99) Players need “crash” meteors together to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations through increasingly harder problems. A great way to improve student’s rapid recall of number facts. BallFallDown (free) Students construct their own marble run using classic pieces like wooden boards and spinning stars, and discover never-before seen pieces like teleporters, spouts and many others! There are no points or levels to this game. Instead, students […]

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship website, created by the NSW Government in response to 1:1 lap top programs in schools is free for everyone. The educational resources were designed in order to help students become positive digital citizens. There are games, learning activities, videos and additional information for teachers.This is a fantastic resource for Y3-Y11 teachers. Finding video clips to introduce elements of digital citizenship often proves to be a challenge because the […]

Apps for students with auditory processing difficulties

The apps below aren’t free, so why am I blogging them? Well, they were highly recommended by C Wilamowski who is a junior primary teacher at a rural school. She uses these apps for students because they have limited access to additional outside resources (ie speech therapists). Using her own iPad, she is able to support students with these apps, who often work in small groups or one to one […]

2 New Training Days during Term 1

Title: Get Interactive with the Early Years Date: Friday 8th March Suitable for Kindergarten – Year 1 teachers with  interactive SMART boards Descriptor: This session consists of three parts. The first two sessions will look at creating interactive activities for students with a focus on Maths, Literacy and Science. Participants will view and create their own interactive SMART Notebook resources. The third session will look at free interactive resources for […]

Teaching Websites: Free Primary Resources

        Teaching Websites is a series of free educational websites created by Mark Warner. The sites include Teaching Ideas, Teaching Ideas Library, Teaching Events,Teaching News, Teaching Photos, Teaching Videos and Teaching Appz. There are three sites which I particularly like. The first is Teaching Ideas which has thousands of free lessons, activities and display resources. The math display resources (downloadable PDFs) are great for students’ understanding about […]