My Class Blog 2013

Even though this site is under construction, I though I would share it with the hope that it might inspire more teachers to get online with their class. Even if you don’t share this view, you may find the Math help web links, videos and apps useful or the assessment rubrics which are located under the program pages. Here is the link: Scroll down for information in relation to […]

Free: Match 10 Puzzle App

This game is great! Match 10 Puzzle is a unique match-3 puzzle game. The rules of Match 10 Puzzle are easy – match the tiles to get 10 in total. The number you make equals your score. For example: 7+3=10 (73 points), 4+0+2+1+3 = 10 (40213 points). Rotate the play field to mix the tiles. Source: Vicky Bashford Scroll down for information in relation to Jan 2013 school holiday ICT/smartboard […]

Interactive Dice Games

With an outside temperature of 44 degrees Celsius today, it was the perfect opportunity to stay indoors and make some games. The documents below are SMART Notebook documents so you will require SMART Notebook software in order to open them. Alternatively, you can download SMART interactive viewer for free which will enable you to open and interact with the documents.   Dice_Games_1_JVillis Dice_Games_2_JVillis Scroll down for information in relation to […]