Teaching Websites: Free Primary Resources

        Teaching Websites is a series of free educational websites created by Mark Warner. The sites include Teaching Ideas, Teaching Ideas Library, Teaching Events,Teaching News, Teaching Photos, Teaching Videos and Teaching Appz. There are three sites which I particularly like. The first is Teaching Ideas which has thousands of free lessons, activities and display resources. The math display resources (downloadable PDFs) are great for students’ understanding about […]

Gesture technology

What not to do when attending a training day: Let your husband go to the Plaza Humour intended. Within a few hours of playing with the XBOX 360 my 11 year old son taught my 5 year old daughter the gestures required to play Kinect Adventures. Why blog this? Well, according to the Horizon Report 2012 the leading technology now and for the next year or less were mobile apps […]

Persuasive Text Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Same Love

Looking for an innovative way to engage secondary students when teaching persuasive texts? Listen to, and watch the video below as a class, invite students to discuss the issues presented in the video/lyrics in groups, invite them to create a list of issues both for and against gay rights. You may even link this resource to history and investigate human rights over time. You could use time toast to create […]

Modern Chalkboard: Free Interactive SMART Notebooks

            ModernChalkboard.com was created by the people at SuperTeacherWorksheets.com. It contains free (at the moment) interactive SMART Notebook documents for teachers of K-Y5. They have also written an article about how much a SMART board actually costs which you may find interesting. I don’t subscribe to many sites but Super Teacher Worksheets is one of the few that I actually do.