Math Splat: Online, iPad and SMART Notebook Resources

FREE ONLINE: Splat Square (1-100) or Splat Square (0-99) are free online resources which enable you and your students to explore number through your interactive whiteboard. These online resources give you a hundred’s chart which you can ‘splat’ (select) numbers by touching them in order to explore elements of number (ie repeating patterns, even/off numbers,  multiplication, prime numbers).










Math Splat $1.00 (approx) iPad App: This app allows students to select one of the four operations, provides a question and then students need to ‘splat’ (select) the correct answer on their iPad.








FREE FOR SMART NOTE USERS: In your Gallery your have a gallery item called the ‘hundred’ square. It doesn’t make the ‘splat’ sound but you can apply the same principles as above. Below is a short demonstration:

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