Mr Nussbaum: Online educational games, even for iPad and android devices

          Mr can be accessed for free online, even using an iPad or android devices through your browser, without having to download an app! There are 65 games available for free. For android, Mr Nussbaum recommends users download the free Fire Fox browser, as it seems to work best. For offline use, there is a smaller collection of apps to download for approximately $1.00.

Pedagogy Wheel for iPads in Education

          Allan Carrington, from the University of Adelaide has created a Pedagogy Wheel for iPads in education. It uses Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and provides suggestions for 62 iPad apps.The Padagogy Wheel by Allan Carrington is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  Based on a work at download the Pedagogy Wheel in pdf format follow this link. Below is a video introduction to […]

Fraction Tiles

Today I discovered  an iPad app called Virtual Manipulatives which was created by and is currently free . This app explores fractions, percentages and decimals. To begin, you need to select fractions, decimals or percentages and then you drag across a piece. You can switch between fractions, decimals and percentages in order to explore equivalent amounts. There is also a drawing and eraser tool and the option to save. […]

Technology, is it being used in schools?

In the video below, Paul Hamilton creatively addresses technology in education. Many schools have invested a lot of money in technology but have they invested the same amount in professional training and development for teachers? Giving a teacher a new device doesn’t  show the teacher how to use the technology in an engaging and collaborative way. Just like students, teachers need the opportunity and time to explore and become creative […]

Tools 4 Students and Read N Respond iPad apps

            Created by Mobile Learning Services, Tools4Students covers all common comprehension skills: cause /effect, main idea/detail, sequence events, pro/con, story elements, characterization, word meaning, plot, KWL and much more. Students can save to their device and/or email.           Mobile Learning Services have also recently released their ReadNRespond iPad app. This app is just as good. Organized according to Bloom’s taxonomy, this […]

Nearpod: Create and share interactive multimedia presentations for free

Nearpod allows users to create multimedia presentations or upload an existing presentation if saved as a PDF. Nearpod can be a powerful tool because it allows you to add interactivity to your presentations. Nearpod will allow you to create online polls, questions/answers, quizzes and video within your presentations. It even has a ‘draw it’ feature and it has a neat drag and drop interface. Once teachers have created their multimedia […]

Draw It Live

Draw it Live is a free application that allows you to work together with other people to draw in real time. You simply create a whiteboard and share its URL to allow other people to join in. No password is required, and no special plugins are required. It also allows users to communicate via text. This online resource would work well for teachers who have students with laptops.

English for the Australian Curriculum Online Resources

The Australian Government Department of Education have recently released a new teacher resource based website called English for the Australian Curriculum . The site features units of work for the early, primary and secondary year levels. There a variety of units which are linked to other curriculum areas. Each unit consists of information, learning ideas, images, web links and or printable worksheets. Looking for Term 2 ICT Training?

Building: Free iPad app and Online resource

Castle Builder is a free app for iPad.  The app features standard blocks, arches and half-arches, triangles, cylinders and spheres. Students can create or destroy models. If you don’t have access to iPads another great free resource is called Lego Digital Designer. You can download the software for free. Below is a video demonstration, I love the track that goes with the video.