Reflector app: Mirroring your iPad onto a Mac or PC

Teachers often ask me how to display their iPad wirelessly onto their smartboard. Well, there are several apps available. I have bought and tried Air Display . It works through my home Internet set up but it doesn’t work through my school WiFi setup. Another app which has been suggested by many is called Reflector, previously known as Reflection. Again, it’s functionality depends on your schools’ network set up. I recommend that you download a free trial of both, see if they are compatible with your schools’ network and then make your own decision. Below is a video demonstration of the Reflector app.

If the mirroring apps don’t work at your school you may have to stick to the apple VGA cable. A good tip is to get some masking tape, wrap it around the VGA cable and label it (ie connect to iPad) so that it is clearly marked for other teachers who may be using your computer at school to connect their iPad.

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