Popplet Lite: Free App

Popplet Lite is my favourite free concept mapping app. I’ve tried iBrainstorm, Inkflow, Idea sketch, Inspiration Lite, iMindMap HD, Mindomo, SimpleMind+ and Total Recall. I find Popplet Lite to be the most user friendly app of them all. To create a bubble, double tap on your iPad. You can then draw,  type, insert an existing photo or take a photo directly into the bubble. The free version is limited to […]

Global Education: Free online resource

Global Education is a free website that has been designed to provide educational resources for teachers based on 5 main perspectives: (1) Interdependence and globalisation, (2) Identity and cultural diversity (3) Social justice and human rights (4) Peace building and conflict resolution (5) Sustainable futures. In the resource section you will find images, videos, teaching activities, publications, templates and links. In addition, the website offers suggestions for links to the Australian […]

Math Tappers: Free Apps

Math Tappers apps are not intended to be stand-alone game-based learning programs – rather they are designed to support teachers and students. The apps are FREE, very simple and each with a narrow focus designed to lead to the mastery of a single concept. Personally I think their Clockmaster app is the best free app for teaching time that I have come across. I also love the way that the […]

Proud Moment

This isn’t a regular blog, but I’d just like to share one small moment with regular viewers of this blog. I graduated today with my Masters of Education Digital Technologies with thanks to the support of my family and friends. Special mention to Caroline Lewis who has been a fantastic mentor during my study.  I have now begun research for my PHD in Education with a focus on iPad technology. […]

CEO K-Y10 Australian Curriciulum Performance Expectations and Indicators

The CEO (Catholic Education Office) have recently updated their Reception to Year 10 Australian Curriciulum Performance Expectations and Indicators. To explain it in the most basic terms, the Performance Expectations and Indicators can be used as an assessment tool in order to guide teachers when determining grades for students from A-E. You can view and download the Performance Expectations and Indicators by following this link.

Apps Gone Free: Join the community!

Yes, you read it correctly,  Apps Gone Free is a free iPad app that informs you of apps that are available for free, usually for a period of 24 hours but sometimes longer. Every day hundreds of apps reduce their price to free for a limited time to try to stimulate excitement. Being part of the very large AppsGoneFree community has its perks.  Collectively, you have the power to convince […]

Free: Hot Apps 4 HOTS iBook

Hot Apps 4 HOTS iBook was written by Lisa Johnson and Yolander Barker. I discovered this app when I was reading a report by the University of Hall related to iPad research in schools. However, when I searched for the link I saw that Richard Byrnes blogged the resource in February, I must have missed it. So here is a blog post about the resource anyway. I liked this iBook […]