Linking Digital Art with Traditional Classroom Art Activities

For me, ‘traditional classroom art activities’ refers to painting, collage and craft (basically hands on art activities). Last week I came up an idea in order to link digital art with traditional classroom art activities. I invited students to visit The Art Zone online and choose any art form that they wanted to explore. I then asked students to create a screen capture of a piece of art work which they had created online and to print a copy of it. We then returned to the classroom and I asked students to create a piece of art work using materials of their choice in order to create a replica of their digital piece. Below are some examples of their work. Please note, art works below were created by Year 3 students.
art 1art2art3

One thought on “Linking Digital Art with Traditional Classroom Art Activities

  1. Very interested to see how you have used our NGAkids Jungle interactive in conjunction with hands-on studio projects! Just wanted to let you know that we recently released an iPad app — NGAkids Art Zone — with nine new interactive art-making activities. I hope you have a chance to check it out and I look forward to hearing how teachers use the program as a creative point of departure for their classroom lessons. The app includes sections on portraits, landscape, seascape, still life paintings, collage, and several abstract expressionist-inspired activities all based on art in the National Gallery’s collections, plus a freehand drawing module. It’s listed for ages 9-11, but fun for kids of all ages. The app description and sample works of art are available on, or the program can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. (Search for NGAkids). We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing some field reports about how you’ve been able to integrate our interactive programs into the (not just art!) curriculum.

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