Crackers and Goo iPad App: Understanding Patterns

The free Crackers and Goo iPad app, created by Jerry McFerran is great for higher order thinking skills. Crackers and Goo uses patterns to teach students how to think critically. In order to do this, students need to identify patterns and make decisions about how to complete those patterns. There are over 6,000 different fun and challenging math games for K-6th graders! Critical Thinking Skills include: •Counting and skip-counting by […]

Mathtastical for iPad and suggestions for Android

Mathtastical is free (limited time) for iPad users. I like the game as it is fast paced but it does have its downsides. The downsides are that the four operations are used and you can not set the game to play just one of the four operations. However, for students who are wanting an exciting game to practice all operations at the same time this is great. There is even […]

Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts iPad App

If you haven’t downloaded this free app you might want to. Between December 26 and January 6th, the Gifts app will offer a free item of Apple’s choosing from iTunes or the App Store. It might be an album, book, movie, app, game, or something unexpected. The content will only be available for 24 hours. Today’s free gift (Day 4) is Toca House. This app normally costs $2.99. Previous gifts […]

iCan Count Money iPad Apps and Money Trail Android App

Online websites and apps to help students count money amounts are hard to find. Recently, I discovered iCan Count Money Australia which is also available for European,  Canadian and New Zealand currency. There are 6 interactive counting money games with money amounts up to $100. The app also includes a money/coins calculator. The app cost $1.99. For Android users I found a free trial version of Australian Money with Q […]

Australian/UK Complete Kindergarten Sight Words App and Other Apps

“It is important for students to learn sight words in order to help them become fluent readers. Sight words are words students are able to read upon “sight” without having to sound them out. They help facilitate reading comprehension giving students a better opportunity to understand other words in context as they read” (2011, The Importance of Sight Words- a Systematic Approach). There are many sight words apps however many […]

Little Monkey Apps for iPad and Android

Little Monkey apps are not free but they are fantastic apps! There are 16 Little Monkey Math apps all of which are linked to the Australian Curriculum, US Common Core Standards, State Standards, UK School Curriculum and the New Zealand Curriculum. You can even view a video demonstration of each app before downloading them. Previously blog posts: Little Monkey Multiplication and Little Monkey Apps for the Early Years.

Sushi Monster iPad App: Addition and Multiplication

Scholastic have released a new app called Sushi Monster which is designed to help students practice the addition and multiplication number facts. To be successful, students need to plan ahead and strategically select numbers from the sushi counter. There are 12 levels to complete and his app contains no links to websites, social media sharing or location tracking functions. Furthermore, it is FREE! For more apps by Scholastic visit their […]

Signing off for a Christmas Break!

If you are a regular follower of my blog, thank you and I hope that you have enjoyed my blog during 2013. Here, in Australia, teachers are on a 7 week (approximately) Summer break with temperatures like today, reaching 43 degrees Celsius. This temperature is vastly different from teachers on the other side of the world. I will maintain pinning resources on Pinterest ( over the break and will be […]

Diigo: Free multi-tool for managing online research

In its simplest terms, Diigo is a free online tool which enables users to not only manage their bookmarks on any computer or iPad ( you will also need this) or Android (you will also need this) device in order to create their own cloud library; Diigo also enables users to digitally annotate the web and share collaboratively with groups of people. Below is a video demonstration which shows the […]