Expresso Coding: 18 Free Online Activities

A few weeks ago I discovered the Expresso Coding website which offers 18 free online lessons in order to support students develop skills in computer coding. I also read that they are offering free access to all 70 of their lessons if you sign up before October 31st, 2014. I contacted the Expresso Coding Team to clarify a few questions I had and they emailed me the information below. Please […]

iPad Training 2014

I have had several requests about iPad training for Term 1 2014. I will be uploading training session dates and times for SA within the next two weeks. If you have a time preference (ie during school time or school holidays) and or focuses please feel free to email me directly at or post a comment by clicking the speech bubble next to the title of the post.

Meet Yana and Bo

Coding and robots tend to be two of my popular blog topics at present. Why? I personally feel that we will see a rapid increase in both in education, in the very close future.  As long as we are aware of the possibilities, when they become available to us through our school budgets we might not find the concepts as overwhelming as we sometimes find new technology. Meet Yana ($59 […]

Knowmia: Free online video resources and iPad app

Knowmia is a free online webstite which also offers a free app for iPad. The website offers short video lessons which have been provided by teachers globally. You can view pre- recorded video lessons and even view videos of teachers explaining how they integrate video within their teaching practices. Follow this link for a video introduction.     One of the advantages of the free Knowmia app over other screen […]

Bizzare ideas set to become a reality and a sneek peak at the 2014 Horizon Report

Recently I have found two articles that I would like to share. The first is called, ‘Telstra chief technology Officer Dr Hugh Bradlow explains the bizzare ideas set to become a reality‘. This article explains how smart watches (pictured to the left) are about to go beserk, phones to become the centre of connected homes and how the modern day office can be anywhere in the world. I found the […]

Innovative Thinking: 14 year old Malawian boy built a windmill

At age 14, in poverty and famine, a Malawian boy built a windmill to power his family’s home. Now at 22, William Kamkwamba, who speaks at TED, here, for the second time, shares in his own words the moving tale of invention that changed his life. This video was recorded in 2009 however I have only recently discovered it and I think it is innovative and inspirational. Previously blogged related […]

Australia Day 2014 Resources

“On Australia Day we come together as a nation to celebrate what’s great about Australia and being Australian” (reference). This year Australia Day falls on Sunday, January the 26th. I have blogged a few resources which teachers may like to use during week 1. At the bottom of the post you will find a link to resources which I blogged last year and you may like to use these too. […]

ROMO: The smartphone-based robot

ROMO is a smart-phone based robot with a friendly face and speedy tracks. You can interact and play games with it, drive it around, or use it as a telepresence robot to talk to friend remotely (reference). ROMO is compatible with most iPhone and iPod Touch models and costs around $150 (excluding iPhone or iPod). It is 7.6cm high, 14.2cm long, weighs 0.45kg and can travel of a speed up […]

Touch Typing Websites

Touch typing is an important skill that students need to be taught at an early age. Previously I have blogged four free online sites but I have recently discovered another two. These sites are great because the key board is displayed on the monitor. This may reduce students looking down at their key board in order to locate the keys. Some teachers suggest using skins (plastic covers) to cover the […]

Addition websites which require higher order thinking skills

There are many interactive websites online for students to practice addition. However, many are simply drill and practice. Below is a list of some free websites which require students to use higher order thinking skills. Please note, they all require flash in order to work. 1. Addition Wheel: Students are required to drag and drop numbers in order to solve the challenges. 2. Button Beach Challenge: (created by Ambleside C.E […]