Phonics Vowels and Howie Monster Word iPad Apps

Two of the most frustrating features of finding good spelling apps for Primary teachers is the need for the app to use the comic sans font and for the letters to be sounded phonetically, rather than using capitalization of letters. Below are two great apps that meet these requirements, they are also free but are currently only available for iPad users. Phonics Vowels is another great app created by AbiTalk. […]

AbiTalk Apps for Android

I have previously blogged AbiTalk apps for iPad but I have noticed that there are more AbiTalk apps being made for Android users. My favourite AbiTalk app which is available on Google Play is AbiTalk Sentence Builder ($1.92). There are also a few AbiTalk reading comprehension apps. Unfortunately non of these are free to try before you buy. On the App Store, you can download the reading comprehension apps and […]

Divide it up: puppies iPad App

I am not sure when or how I discovered this app. Today I found it in one of my ‘to sort’ folders on my iPad. Divide it up: Puppies is a free iPad app which has been designed to help students visualise division. Students are initially given a worded problem and asked to predict an answer. For example, there are 33 toys to share among 6 puppies. How many toys […]