ANZAC Day Resources

Anzac Day is commemorated on 25th April each year. Why is this day important? The resources below might be helpful for classroom use: INTERACTIVE RESOURCES: Gallipoli the first day by ABC . This is a fantastic resource, don’t miss this one! You can play the landing in 3D. Women in the war Interactive VIDEOS with LESSON Guides: BTN ANZAC DAY: This is a great historical recount for students BTN Kids […]

Australian Technologies Curriculum

One of the projects which I have been working on is a website in order to provide teachers with ideas in relation to teaching the Australian Curriculum. Currently it is in draft format and I have only covered Year 3 and 4. I have started Year 5 and 6. I came across the video below which is a project (based in New York) designed to engage students in technologies. These […]