iPad app idea (GarageBand)

Listen to the two¬†audio files¬†below: The audio files were created using a free app called GarageBand. Madeleine Hunter, a student teacher, invited students to write a sentence (ie fun fact) and then line up. Each student took it in turns to read their line, one after the other. Then students were able to add sound effects. The original file format of the audio recording is .m4a. I needed to convert […]

Inter-tech Education: Last PD Session for 2014

The last training session that I will be running for teachers this year is ‘Practical Ideas for teaching and integrating the Australian Technologies Curriculum‘. This training session has been specifically designed for Year 3 to Year 6 teachers and integrates online resources, apps and practical hands on teaching ideas. I am making this my last session for the year so that I can focus on my proposal for my PHD […]

Term 1 School Holiday Training Sessions 2014

I am running two new session during Term 1 school holidays. TITLE 1: Teaching Computing; How to move beyond the norm Are you looking for something new to teach during computing or do you simply not know what to teach? If so, this session is for you, no prior knowledge or computing skills required! We will explore ideas for teaching coding/programming with a focus on designing, producing and evaluating products. […]

Disney’s Words of Wonder app for iPad and Android

Disney’s Words of Wonder app is free for both iPad and Android. The game requires the player to find words in order to solve more than 150 puzzles. You can play by yourself or connect (via Facebook) and play with friends. For educational purposes, connecting with friends isn’t an option as Facebook is not permitted. However, the app even allows you to download and play in English, French, Italian, German […]

4 pics 1 word app for iPad and Android

4 pics 1 word is a free app for both iPad and Android. The app simply displays 4 pictures and your task is to think of one word which applies to all four images. However, you are only given certain letters to choose from. If you like the game you can upgrade for $1.99 which will remove the adds.

Expresso Coding: 18 Free Online Activities

A few weeks ago I discovered the Expresso Coding website which offers 18 free online lessons in order to support students develop skills in computer coding. I also read that they are offering free access to all 70 of their lessons if you sign up before October 31st, 2014. I contacted the Expresso Coding Team to clarify a few questions I had and they emailed me the information below. Please […]

Knowmia: Free online video resources and iPad app

Knowmia is a free online webstite which also offers a free app for iPad. The website offers short video lessons which have been provided by teachers globally. You can view pre- recorded video lessons and even view videos of teachers explaining how they integrate video within their teaching practices. Follow this link for a video introduction.     One of the advantages of the free Knowmia app over other screen […]

Code the new literacy: LearnCode.org

If you missed Hour of Code Week 2013, like I did, visit LearnCode.org because you can still view and download the resources. Why is it important to be able to read and write code? On the website you will find a Code Maze game which teaches students the basic concepts of computer science through a drag and drop programming interface. “This is a game-like, self-directed tutorial starring video lectures by […]

Phonics Vowels and Howie Monster Word iPad Apps

Two of the most frustrating features of finding good spelling apps for Primary teachers is the need for the app to use the comic sans font and for the letters to be sounded phonetically, rather than using capitalization of letters. Below are two great apps that meet these requirements, they are also free but are currently only available for iPad users. Phonics Vowels is another great app created by AbiTalk. […]

AbiTalk Apps for Android

I have previously blogged AbiTalk apps for iPad but I have noticed that there are more AbiTalk apps being made for Android users. My favourite AbiTalk app which is available on Google Play is AbiTalk Sentence Builder ($1.92). There are also a few AbiTalk reading comprehension apps. Unfortunately non of these are free to try before you buy. On the App Store, you can download the reading comprehension apps and […]