New Australian History/Art Unit Y3

I was recently inspired to create a unit of work after travelling to the Northern Territory for a family holiday. The unit of work is suitable for Year 3 students and is linked to the Australian Curriculum. Anyone is welcome to use my program. I only ask that my resources are not uploaded onto any other website and that if you use my program, you acknowledge me as the original source. Here is the […]

Minecraft and isle of tune

Recently at a conference I presented my latest edublog on 3D design using Google Sketchup 8  . I also mentioned that this same activity could be created using Minecraft creative mode. Below is a video of a school which my son designed using Minecraft creative mode and isle of tune to create the music. Please note, we couldn’t find free recording software which would play the two simultaneously, hence, it […]

My latest work: 3D design unit

I have been working on a new online unit of work called 3D design with Google Sketch up 8. The edublog is designed for 120 Year 3 and Year 7 students at my school. They will begin blogging next term (approximately 6 weeks). The unit of work can be downloaded from the ‘curriculum page’ for educational purposes only (I would hate to see it uploaded on any other site). Why […]

Timetoast: Interactive timelines

Timetoast is a free online site which enables students to create interactive timelines which can then be shared on the web. Students can also search via category (music, film, science, technology, business, politics, art, culture or history) to view interactive timelines that have been created by other people. Source : Edmodo Society Group Forum.  is great for use on an interactive smartboard of individual PC. Students can paint, select a frame, replay their painting, hang in a gallery and even save and send. Suitable for Junior Primary students.

The House of Sounds

The House of Sounds is another great site by Northumberland Grid for Learning. This interactive site is suitable for Junior Primary students. Students are required to listen to and repeat sound in order to complete the House of Music. Permission to link sites and use image received 2/6/2012 by R Taylor, .

Virtual Orchestra

Virtual Orchestra , created by Northumberland Grid for Learning, provides opportunities for students to view and listen to instruments that they may not have access to at school or at home. You can search brass, percussion, stings or wind instruments. Permission to link sites and use image received 2/6/2012 by R Taylor, .

Free SMART Notebook resources

This is an old site created by Bedfordeshire City Council Schools (2005). However, it contains free SMART Notebook documents and some Promethean flip charts. They are a good base to work with, to modify and add to as you need. There are SMART Notebooks for teaching literacy, science, history, art, numeracy, geography, languages and music.

Google Art Project

Google Art Project is an online platform through which the public can access high-resolution images of artworks housed in the initiative’s partner museums. The platform enables users to virtually tour partner museums’ galleries, explore physical and contextual information provided about artworks, and compile their own virtual collection. I particularly like the Australian Rock Art Collection which can be used to teach not only elements of Art but Australian culture and […]