Teaching ideas using BBC Micro:bit Go

Previously I blogged about the Micro:bit and more recently how I built a milk carton robot and programmed it using the Micro:bit. Part of my new role at school this year is to write and new programs for Y7 to Y9 students, to engage and encourage them to choose Digital Technology subjects. When I played with the BBC Micro:bit Go at the Futures school conference, I saw the potential straight […]

Milk carton robot using BBC Micro:bit Go

Previously I blogged about the BBC micro:bit and my initial thoughts, BLOG LINK. I blogged, that I had purchased some and that I intended to use them with my secondary students, but I didn’t go into any further detail.  Well, we are currently on school holidays and I am writing a program for my Year 9 Digital Technology students using the micro:bit.I am about half way through writing my program […]

Turtle Art Programming: It has been around for a long time but don’t underestimate what you can do with it

Turtle Art is a free program to download which brings programming and art together. By snapping blocks together, users explore coding, art, geometry, and math.  It helps students to detect patterns, understand the repetition of instructions, and understand following instructions only when a certain condition is met, which is important for STEM. It has been around for a long time. I explored it many years ago but never really understood […]

Dot and Dash: My experience so far

Dot and Dash are robots which respond to voice, navigate objects, dance, sing and much more. If you aren’t familiar with them follow this LINK . Please note it is very commercial, then I’ll give you the run down from my experience as a teacher. We’ve had 9 Dot and Dash robots at school for the past two years and I must admit, I hadn’t had much success using them as […]

Ozobots: I’ve just started playing and I’m very impressed

Ozobots are small. They are about the same size as a table tennis (ping pong) ball. So far, I am impressed with them as they blend the physical world with the digital world. How? Well using Ozobot textas, you can draw code on paper (something in the physical world)  and they respond to the code. Below is an example which I recorded. They can also connect with the digital world […]

BBC micro:bit GO

The BBC micro-bit was designed by a non-profit organisation, with the idea of enabling children around the world to get interactive with technology. In simplest terms, it is basically a mini computer about 4cm by 5cm which can be powered by either a USB or an external battery pack. Here is a short video introduction: For those of you who are more technical, it has the following features: – 25 […]

Code Combat: Learn Python or JavaScript using a multiplayer live strategy game

CodeCombat is great. I trialed it last year with much success. The program takes students beyond an ‘Hour of code’as they continually want to come back and keep playing. You can sign up for free as a teacher, create a class and then give your students your ‘ Class Code’ so that they can join, hence, no need for students to disclose any of their personal information when joining. I […]

Scratch Junior: Lesson plans for Reception(K) to Year 2

Scratch Junior  is a developmentally appropriate programming language for children ages five through seven. It is available through the App Store and Google Play for free. Furthermore, if you don’t have an iPad or Android based tablet, you can emulate a full Android OS for mobile applications using the Andy Android Emulator for PC and Mac. It’s a fully functional, independent Android operating system that runs as an application in Windows or […]

TGM- Team Girls Movement, promoting girls in technology roles

TGM is a non-profit organisation promoting positive female information technology role models, to encourage and raise awareness of technology careers options for girls. This organisation was founded Jenine Beekhuyzen. I saw Jenine deliver a key note at the EdTech SA conference and witnessed how committed and enthusiastic she is about the program. The program is based on an inspiring book which shows different personalities of women who work in the […]