ANZAC Day Resources

Anzac Day is commemorated on 25th April each year. Why is this day important? The resources below might be helpful for classroom use: INTERACTIVE RESOURCES: Gallipoli the first day by ABC . This is a fantastic resource, don’t miss this one! You can play the landing in 3D. Women in the war Interactive VIDEOS with LESSON Guides: BTN ANZAC DAY: This is a great historical recount for students BTN Kids […]

Australia Day 2014 Resources

“On Australia Day we come together as a nation to celebrate what’s great about Australia and being Australian” (reference). This year Australia Day falls on Sunday, January the 26th. I have blogged a few resources which teachers may like to use during week 1. At the bottom of the post you will find a link to resources which I blogged last year and you may like to use these too. […]

GeogSpace: Free online resource

GeogSpace is an initiative of the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) supported by the resources of Education Services Australia (ESA). The site  offers quality primary and secondary geography resource materials for all teachers of geography, including those that are very experienced and those just commencing their involvement. The website consists of two major resource sections; (1) Core Units and (2) Support Materials. The sections are then subdivided into year level categories making […]

National Digital Learning Resources Network

“The National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN) is a technical infrastructure that connects Australian schools to enable the distribution and sharing of digital resources through education portals. The Network is the outcome of initiatives of the Australian Government and the state and territory governments. The digital student resources and teacher support materials are aligned to the Australian, state and territory curriculums and are available through state and territory education portals […]

Global Worlds: English for global education

The Global Worlds website is free to use and it provides twelve units of work. The units have been produced by World Vision Australia and the Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA) to integrate the teaching and learning of English and global citizenship education. “At the centre of both global citizenship education and the study of English is the aim of supporting students to become ethical, thoughtful and informed citizens, […]

Global Education: Free online resource

Global Education is a free website that has been designed to provide educational resources for teachers based on 5 main perspectives: (1) Interdependence and globalisation, (2) Identity and cultural diversity (3) Social justice and human rights (4) Peace building and conflict resolution (5) Sustainable futures. In the resource section you will find images, videos, teaching activities, publications, templates and links. In addition, the website offers suggestions for links to the Australian […]

CEO K-Y10 Australian Curriciulum Performance Expectations and Indicators

The CEO (Catholic Education Office) have recently updated their Reception to Year 10 Australian Curriciulum Performance Expectations and Indicators. To explain it in the most basic terms, the Performance Expectations and Indicators can be used as an assessment tool in order to guide teachers when determining grades for students from A-E. You can view and download the Performance Expectations and Indicators by following this link.

Let’s Explore Europe Online Flip Book

Let’s Explore Europe Flip book is an excellent free online resource for Year 5 teachers. Recommended to me by Year 5 teacher Jayne Auld, this flip books contains chapters about discovering the continent, getting around Europe, languages, climate and nature, farming, the sea, a journey through time, the story of the European Union, what EU does and tomorrow and beyond. The flip book enables students to bookmark pages, zoom in, […]

Maps: Tools for Adventure

Created by National Geographic, GIS in Action takes students on an interactive online adventure. Students are required to use maps to solve problems and help animals. Animals include the humpback whale, the bald eagle, African elephant, giant panda and the koala. This is a free online resource. Suitable for Year 4 according to the Australian Curriculum Standards (the importance of environments to animals and people, and different views on how […]