You may not be able to have ducks at school but you can get a scrap bucket!

Indian runner ducks are used to control pests instead of using chemicals (see video at the bottom of this post). However, if you are like me, you can’t have an army of ducks at school (I only have two at home 🙂 ). However, you can introduce a class scrap/compost bucket where students place their scraps. At the end of the day ,you simply take the scraps to your compost or even […]

Wonderopolis: Where the wonders of learning never cease

This is an exciting site which I have recently discovered. Brought to life by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), our Wonders of the Day® will help you find learning moments in everyday life. The site provides multi-disciplinary content that purposefully aligns to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the STEM Educational Quality Framework, and Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. “Teachers can use the daily Wonder to jumpstart their students’ critical thinking, […]

Innovative Thinking: 14 year old Malawian boy built a windmill

At age 14, in poverty and famine, a Malawian boy built a windmill to power his family’s home. Now at 22, William Kamkwamba, who speaks at TED, here, for the second time, shares in his own words the moving tale of invention that changed his life. This video was recorded in 2009 however I have only recently discovered it and I think it is innovative and inspirational. Previously blogged related […]

National Digital Learning Resources Network

“The National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN) is a technical infrastructure that connects Australian schools to enable the distribution and sharing of digital resources through education portals. The Network is the outcome of initiatives of the Australian Government and the state and territory governments. The digital student resources and teacher support materials are aligned to the Australian, state and territory curriculums and are available through state and territory education portals […]

Making a Difference: The Research Process Resource

Making a difference – research guide was developed at Mentone Girls’ Secondary College (MGSC), Victoria, Australia, by teacher-librarians Lesley Burgess and Shirley Melissas. A major objective was to make it quicker and easier for staff at the school to deliver quality teaching and learning. The support material developed at MGSC is based on the research process and assignment writing. It also simplifies Gardiner’s multiple intelligences and Edward de Bono’s six thinking […]

Every student needs a champion teacher, how can you be one?

As educators we can make a difference if we really want to, it is tough but not impossible. Rita Pierson was a former teacher and administrator turned professional development seminar leader. Below is a TED talk which she presented before passing away in June 2013. I am in the process of report writing and I am assuming many  teachers are in the same position across Australia. When you write your […]

CEO K-Y10 Australian Curriciulum Performance Expectations and Indicators

The CEO (Catholic Education Office) have recently updated their Reception to Year 10 Australian Curriciulum Performance Expectations and Indicators. To explain it in the most basic terms, the Performance Expectations and Indicators can be used as an assessment tool in order to guide teachers when determining grades for students from A-E. You can view and download the Performance Expectations and Indicators by following this link.

Ideas for teaching with Google Earth

Google Earth is a free  a geobrowser that accesses satellite and aerial imagery, ocean bathymetry, and other geographic data over the internet to represent the Earth as a three-dimensional globe. There are many fantastic tutorials on the Google Earth Tutorial YouTube Channel. I am particularly interested in the Earth and the Earth’s moon as I have just about completed our Year 3 Science unit based on the Earth, moon and […]

Remember the Curiosity Show?

The international television program Curiosity Show was produced from 1972 to 1990 in Australia. Presented by Deane Hutton and Rob Morrison, it emphasized science, technology and things to make and do. At the time, the element of the Curiosity Show that made it different from other Science programs was that the show used common materials that could be found around the home.Deane and Rob have recently created their own YouTube channel […]

Science360 Video Library; sensational and free!

Science 360 Video is available free online or you can download the free iPad app. Science360 gather the latest videos provided by scientists and other sources in order to provide an online library for anyone to access for free. The feature of this website that stands out from others is that each video is embeddable. This means you can put any of the videos on you own blog, website and/or […]