Creating Stick Figure Animations using PowerPoint

Today, a student in year 8 who works under the online name of Handanez, demonstrated how to create stop action animations using PowerPoint, her work was inspirational. The animations are created using a succession of slides to create the illusion of movement. With minimum time, students can create their own basic ‘movie’. Below is a simple step by step guide, on how to create stick figure animations. 1. ENGAGE: Show students […]

Creating Christmas Animations using PowerPoint and SMART Notebook

Simon Houghton  recently blogged an article which provides step by step instructions for teachers/students in relation to creating short animated GIF images of Christmas trees with flashing lights and stars  using PowerPoint. The procedure is easy to follow and is a great ICT lesson for the end of the year! I set this as an extension activity for several of my ICT savvy students in Year 3 today. Source: Carolyn Lewis, St Aloysius College […]

Free Earth and Environmental Educational Resources

Earth and Environmental Sciences, created by the University of Kentucky offers free interactive and animated modules for teachers to use. There are rock cycle, weathering, faults and folds, ground water, river flood and glacier animations, just to name a few! You will need Macromedia Flash or Shockwave browser plug in (free) to see them.  This site is suitable for upper primary and lower secondary students.