Christmas Drama Ideas

The slide share below covers a range of curriculum areas including English, Arts (drama), Technology and Religion. If you don’t teach at a Catholic school the slide share also offers alternatives. It also includes teaching ideas using Green Screen iPad app. Ideas for teaching Primary Drama at Christmas time from Joanne Villis

Imagistory: Free wordless picture book iPad app

  Imagistory is a free wordless picture book iPad app which encourages students to tell stories. Please note, the first two stories are free, additional stories cost $2.00 each. For schools, they have bundled the six books together. Creating a story is easy: 1. Choose a book 2. Add a name 3. A photo of the user is taken 4. The story will automatically start recording after the photo 5. […]

How to use Explain Everything for creative writing

Explain Everything is one of my favourite iPad apps,as it is versatile and be can used across the curriculum. Recently I used the app with students in order to create imaginative texts. The theme I used was superheroes and villains, however, you can apply the same techniques with any topic. Below I have embedded a slideshare which explains how I used this app to foster creative writing.   Superheroes from Joanne Villis

Knowmia: Free online video resources and iPad app

Knowmia is a free online webstite which also offers a free app for iPad. The website offers short video lessons which have been provided by teachers globally. You can view pre- recorded video lessons and even view videos of teachers explaining how they integrate video within their teaching practices. Follow this link for a video introduction.     One of the advantages of the free Knowmia app over other screen […]

Divide it up: puppies iPad App

I am not sure when or how I discovered this app. Today I found it in one of my ‘to sort’ folders on my iPad. Divide it up: Puppies is a free iPad app which has been designed to help students visualise division. Students are initially given a worded problem and asked to predict an answer. For example, there are 33 toys to share among 6 puppies. How many toys […]

Crackers and Goo iPad App: Understanding Patterns

The free Crackers and Goo iPad app, created by Jerry McFerran is great for higher order thinking skills. Crackers and Goo uses patterns to teach students how to think critically. In order to do this, students need to identify patterns and make decisions about how to complete those patterns. There are over 6,000 different fun and challenging math games for K-6th graders! Critical Thinking Skills include: •Counting and skip-counting by […]

Popplet Lite: Free App

Popplet Lite is my favourite free concept mapping app. I’ve tried iBrainstorm, Inkflow, Idea sketch, Inspiration Lite, iMindMap HD, Mindomo, SimpleMind+ and Total Recall. I find Popplet Lite to be the most user friendly app of them all. To create a bubble, double tap on your iPad. You can then draw,  type, insert an existing photo or take a photo directly into the bubble. The free version is limited to […]

Appolino iPad Apps

There are two Appolino iPad  Math iPad apps. They are called Plus & Minus, Numbers and Sets . You can download a free version for each which gives you nine games to choose from for each app. The Plus & Minus app (pictured to the left) allows students to explore addition and subtraction using a range of numbers (0-1000) and integrates blocks, number lines and value charts. The Numbers & […]