Programming Math using the Australian Curriculum

I have nearly finished a year’s worth of programs for my Year 3 class using the Australian Curriculum. I have created overview documents, unit plans and assessment rubrics. Yes, it has taken a long time. However, I thought I would share the programming format which I have used in case any one else would like to use it. I have created a video demonstration below and I have uploaded a […]

Australia Day 2013 Free Teacher Resources

I used SMART Notebook software to create the two resources below. You can view the video, download the Notebook document (if you have SMART Notebook software) or download SMART interactive viewer for free and then view the document. All I ask is that you acknowledge your source and that the resources are not uploaded onto any other website without my permission. If you are a creative user of another interactive […]

Making Multicultural Australia for the 21st Century

          Making Multicultural Australia for the 21st Century is a website funded by the Multicultural Programs Unit of the Department of Education and Training and has been constructed by the Information Services Branch of the Office of the Board of Studies NSW. The site includes more than 3000 pages of articles, research, student activities, teacher guides, lesson ideas, audio interviews, video clips and Australian multicultural artworks. […]

Looking for Jan 2013 Holiday Professional Development Training?

Inter-tech Education are offering 2 new sessions during the January 2013 school holidays. Please note: New sessions and new location!                 Professional Development Title 1: How to create your own website with user friendly tools! Date: 18th January 2013, 9:00-3:30 Descriptor: Throughout this day you will learn how to create your own website using a free educational web platform. Basic computing skills are […]

ABC Splash: Free Australian Content from ABC TV and Radio

ABC Splash is currently in beta. It is a new site created by ABC which is packed with hundreds of video clips, audio clips and games for teachers and students. This interactive site features content linked to the new Australian Curriciulum. You cand search by year level or subject for both primary and secondary resources.   Source: Carol Grantham, St Aloysius College Animation: Heathers Animations

New Australian History/Art Unit Y3

I was recently inspired to create a unit of work after travelling to the Northern Territory for a family holiday. The unit of work is suitable for Year 3 students and is linked to the Australian Curriculum. Anyone is welcome to use my program. I only ask that my resources are not uploaded onto any other website and that if you use my program, you acknowledge me as the original source. Here is the […]