Australian bush fire unit using Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook

This term I had to teach a unit on Australian bush fires as part of the Year 5 curriculum. The content descriptor is: The impact of bush fires or floods on environments and communities, and how people can respond (ACHASSK114) . Previously I have taught this unit with the help of a Microsoft SharePoint page which I created for the unit. I use SharePoint as it is our whole school’s learning […]

Coding: Resources for Y5-6 Teachers and Students

Yesterday I collated coding resources from my Pinterest page for Year 5 and 6 teachers and created the slideshare below. Within the slideshare, you will find software, online games, robots and apps in order to support students learning to code. I have also posted the slide share on my technologies website with links to all of the resources. Here is the link: Year 5-6: Ideas for teaching coding from […]

Inter-tech Education: Last PD Session for 2014

The last training session that I will be running for teachers this year is ‘Practical Ideas for teaching and integrating the Australian Technologies Curriculum‘. This training session has been specifically designed for Year 3 to Year 6 teachers and integrates online resources, apps and practical hands on teaching ideas. I am making this my last session for the year so that I can focus on my proposal for my PHD […]

English for the Australian Curriculum Online Resources

The Australian Government Department of Education have recently released a new teacher resource based website called English for the Australian Curriculum . The site features units of work for the early, primary and secondary year levels. There a variety of units which are linked to other curriculum areas. Each unit consists of information, learning ideas, images, web links and or printable worksheets. Looking for Term 2 ICT Training?

Programming Math using the Australian Curriculum

I have nearly finished a year’s worth of programs for my Year 3 class using the Australian Curriculum. I have created overview documents, unit plans and assessment rubrics. Yes, it has taken a long time. However, I thought I would share the programming format which I have used in case any one else would like to use it. I have created a video demonstration below and I have uploaded a […]

Rubrics: Tools for teachers and students

Rubrics are visual scoring tools that lay out the specific expectations for an evaluation. They divide the assessment criteria into its component parts and provide a description of what constitutes acceptable or unacceptable levels of performance for each of those parts (Stevens & Levi, 2005). I use rubrics with my Year 3 students based on the A-E grading system with an A represented by 5 points and an E represented […]

Planning and Assessing with the Australian Curriculum

I have embedded a 4 minute video demonstration on how I currently approach programming and assessment (using rubrics), with the Australian Curriculum. I didn’t create the original programming proforma myself, I adapted it to meet my needs. I currently base my assessment rubrics on the Draft Performance Expectations and Indicators which are being developed by the CEO. From these draft documents, I select key assessment words or add my own in order […]

ABC Splash: Free Australian Content from ABC TV and Radio

ABC Splash is currently in beta. It is a new site created by ABC which is packed with hundreds of video clips, audio clips and games for teachers and students. This interactive site features content linked to the new Australian Curriciulum. You cand search by year level or subject for both primary and secondary resources.   Source: Carol Grantham, St Aloysius College Animation: Heathers Animations

New Australian History/Art Unit Y3

I was recently inspired to create a unit of work after travelling to the Northern Territory for a family holiday. The unit of work is suitable for Year 3 students and is linked to the Australian Curriculum. Anyone is welcome to use my program. I only ask that my resources are not uploaded onto any other website and that if you use my program, you acknowledge me as the original source. Here is the […]

Animal Classification and Characteristics

I have recently created an animal classification edublog for my year 3 students on animal characteristics. This resources was created for an assignment for my Masters in Education/ICT. Even though my students are only permitted to blog, there is a wealth of resources including web links, videos, virtual animations and interactive resources which you can access for free! I have even uploaded my program in word format which is available […]