We need to ask ‘What if?’ instead of ‘What is?’

I was inspired by this EdTek talk so much that I had to share it. It is an amazing story about an artist named Phil Hansen. He talks about  how a life-changing injury forced him into rethinking how limitations inspire creativity. One of his key points is ‘learning to let go’, letting go of outcomes, failures and imperfections. With this comes the ability to be creative, to think only of […]

Creative squiggles for JP and Upper Primary

Squiggles is a free iPad app created by Lazoo. There are 15 squiggle pages for students to choose from. Each page has images and written instructions with a voice overlay. Students are required to create squiggles after listening to instructions, then they can select play and their squiggles come to life. Students can also create squiggle pictures using free form blank pages and stamps. This app is suitable for K-Y3 […]