Free Early Years Literacy Resources

Literacy Solutions is a company which offers professional support for educators through workshops, consulting, online courses and resources. You can visit their resource page for free, downloadable resources. Resources include black line masters for reading activities, deskmats, charts and prompt cards.

Leo’s Pad Appisode 1 : Free for a limited time

Leo’s Pad is an app for early years students. Integrated throughout the story are a range of literacy and numeracy exploratory activities. This app was bought to my attention by Carol Grantham who found information about the app on a blog called ‘Life at Warp Speed‘. The author of this blog states that she is ‘slightly obsessed with her i Pad’ and is ‘constantly testing Apps for children’. So if […]

Storybird: Free online books or create your own

Storybird is a gorgeous website which offers you a free library of stories which you can read online on your smartboard. You can even create and publish your own stories with your class online. It is very user friendly and I highly recommend it. I have embedded a quick tour of the site below.

New wiki: Weather and my world

This unit of work was created by Joanne Villis. It is based on the Primary Connections Unit, ‘Weather in my world’. This unit is designed for The Foundation Years (5 year olds) and is linked to the Australian National Curriculum . This site contains SMART Notebook resources. All resources may be downloaded for educational purposes only. They may not be uploaded on any other website. I intend to add Year […]

Poisson Rouge for the Early Years

There are no instructions on this site which is designed for the Early Years. Students navigate the page by clicking on images on the front page. There are a range of activities for students to explore, some of which include the alphabet, concentration puzzles, a piano, numbers and colour. Permission to link sites and use image received 2/6/2012.