Fire Boy and Water Girl: Free strategy game

Fire Boy and Water Girl is a fun game for two players or one player. Players need to help  Fire Boy and Water Girl find an exit through multiple puzzling levels. Fire Boy must avoid the water and Water Girl must avoid the hot lava.  Players will need to think ahead and plan their way through each puzzling room in order to get them both safely to the exit. Reading […]

ANZAC Day Resources

Anzac Day is commemorated on 25th April each year. Why is this day important? The resources below might be helpful for classroom use: INTERACTIVE RESOURCES: Gallipoli the first day by ABC . This is a fantastic resource, don’t miss this one! You can play the landing in 3D. Women in the war Interactive VIDEOS with LESSON Guides: BTN ANZAC DAY: This is a great historical recount for students BTN Kids […]

Interactive TV vs Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive TVs are basically a LCD/LED TV with a touch sensitive overlay on top. Some models have a custom case that covers both parts so that they look like a single unit but internally they always have a video display and a touch surface. They can be connected to a computer and therefore functions like a ‘traditional’ interactive whiteboard for teaching. An interactive whiteboard on the other hand is a […]

Triple Zero Kids Challenge: Apps now available

Triple Zero Kids is a free online resource for Reception to Year 2 students. The online game based resources has been designed to help children learn about safety messages and hear what happens when you call 000. There are free online Police, Fire and Ambulance interactive games. For those who have been using the resources, they have recently added new games! The online site does not work on iPads as […]

Let’s Explore Europe Online Flip Book

Let’s Explore Europe Flip book is an excellent free online resource for Year 5 teachers. Recommended to me by Year 5 teacher Jayne Auld, this flip books contains chapters about discovering the continent, getting around Europe, languages, climate and nature, farming, the sea, a journey through time, the story of the European Union, what EU does and tomorrow and beyond. The flip book enables students to bookmark pages, zoom in, […]

Testing the functionality of your SMART board

This article is about how to orient your board and how to conduct a diagnostic test. Why would you want to do this? Because you work with your SMART board every day, so you need to be aware of its ware and tare. Follow these steps: 1.Align your board. 2.Go to that gallery and select large grid. 3.Trace every line. 4.Use your camera tool to create a screen capture of […]

Free Spelling Resources

Spell Grid is a free iPad app that requires students to swipe over letters in the grid to create as many words as they can. Students are required to create a certain number of 6 5, 4 or 3 letter words. This app is great for higher order thinking.  Unfortunately the  app isn’t available for Android but Android users may find Spellathon useful (also free).   Spelling City iPad and […]

Free algebra dice iPad apps

Sorry android users, I couldn’t find the equivalent. Einstein Cubes, created by Mantiz Game Studios is an intuitive free iPad puzzle app that challenges students’ mathematical-logic abilities. A number of dice are rolled (depending on the level that students are up to) and students are required to place the dice and number functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in the correct order to complete the number sentence and reach the […]

Crickweb: Free online resources for Interactive Whiteboards

Crickweb has been a favourite website of mine for many years. It is a free online website with interactive games that work well on any interactive whiteboard. You can search via early stage, stage 1 or stage 2 and then narrow your search by selecting a curriculum area. There are 253 free educational resources in total, happy browsing.

Fraction Tiles

Today I discovered  an iPad app called Virtual Manipulatives which was created by and is currently free . This app explores fractions, percentages and decimals. To begin, you need to select fractions, decimals or percentages and then you drag across a piece. You can switch between fractions, decimals and percentages in order to explore equivalent amounts. There is also a drawing and eraser tool and the option to save. […]