Gogogoolians.com : The Green Search Engine for Kids and Teens

        Gogogoolians is a safe search engine for kids and teens. According to the Urban Online Dictionary a ‘gooligan’ is somebody who is exceptionally good at using google.com search engine. Gogogoolians applies safe search filtering to each query and does not allow any annoying pop-ups or pop-unders. There is a search option which permits students to search ‘all’ or select the drop down menu and search via […]

Infotopia: Free educational search engine

Infotopia  is a free, Google alternative  search engine for students, accessing only trusted websites which have previously been selected by a range of educators. Student searches are categorised under subject headings and then the search is narrowed by visual images/icons of the accredited websites. Do I use it? Not yet, I will trial it in 2013 with my new class. Advertising does appear on this search engine. Scroll down for […]

Cyber Smart

Lee and Kim’s Adventure is a new resources which is great for students in Year 3-4. It introduces online environments in a student friendly way. Copacabana have also put together a very comprehensive list of engaging websites in relation to teaching students to become Cyber Smart. There is something for every year level.

Net Nanny: Filtering software for parents

Before you read this post, please note, I did not, nor will profit from any sales of Net Nanny. I have recommended this software after a student of mine viewed an extremely inappropriate website at home and her parents asked for advise. You may find this useful if you have a parent approach you with a similar situation. “Did you know that during 2010, over 58,630 new websites were added each day […]

Privacy Pirates: Teaching Internet Safety

Privacy Pirates is a free interactive online site which requires students to set sail to Internet Island. The map to the treasure of Internet Island was cut up into nine pieces. Now pirates who want your privacy have the pieces. If you can answer each pirate’s question, you can put the map together and find the treasure! This site is suitable for Year 3-5 students. For K-Y2 students I recommend Hector’s World. […]