Schoolstech OZ 2014 Conference

This conference is being held in Melbourne on the 12th to the 14th of September. I am presenting three sessions, two of which I have shared below. I will upload the third once it is finished. There is little text per page in the presentations as I don’t like to read from slide. However, you may find the resources useful. I am happy for any feedback before I actually present, […]

Tag Galaxy: Free flickr flash application

Everyday our students are bombarded with countless images through digital media. Tag Galaxy is a flash application that can be used in the context of the classroom, to model and explore the reading and writing of visual texts through Flickr photo images. Tag Galaxy uses Papervision3D with transition effects via virtual planetary systems. You enter a tag and related tags appear as planetary systems, enabling students to visualize words, ideas, […]

Reading Eggs: Cognitive Benefits

One of my components for my Masters in Education/Technology course, required a description of an application of information technology for the enhancement of cognitive development. I chose to evaluate Reading Eggs, an online micro-world which is specifically designed to support young student’s reading. The paper explains the program, the cognitive benefits for students,supported by research and provides a rationale for schools who may be interested in adopting the program. Please note, […]

Digital and paper working together

The video above demonstrates the digital world in which our young students are engaging. I believe that young children need to be exposed to  digital books as well as electonic books. I would hate to see picture books become a component of history lessons! Electronic books which can be displayed through the SMARTboard are ideal for class use as all students can clearly see the pages.  However, teachers can use a […]

Word Shake

                Wordshake is a game which you can play on any interactive whiteboard. Students are given 3 minutes to create as many words from the letters which were shaken and then displayed on the smartboard. Source:

Storybird: Free online books or create your own

Storybird is a gorgeous website which offers you a free library of stories which you can read online on your smartboard. You can even create and publish your own stories with your class online. It is very user friendly and I highly recommend it. I have embedded a quick tour of the site below.

Resources for LOTE (Languages other than English)

After school today I presented a short session for a group of LOTE teachers. I provided the teachers with online interactive links  so that they could access interactive websites and or download pre-made SMART Notebook documents. Of particular interest for  French and Spanish teachers (regardless of the smart board brand  that they use) is a website called Crickweb. Language teachers can access (a)   Crickweb French (b) Crickweb Spanish  . Crickweb  also has a wealth of resources […]

Paul Jennings Author Study: Year 3 Online Unit

Last term my class began blogging on our Paul Jennings Author Study edublog. We even received an email from Paul Jennings saying, “I have had a quick look at your edublog.  I think any author would be very pleased to be presented in such a way…My best wishes to your class”.  I have uploaded a copy of the program with links to the Australian Curriculum in PDF format for teachers […]