Tangram video, online resources and apps for free

Having taught Tangrams for years, I was very excited this week to find the Tangram video below called ‘The Sage’s Journey’. Below are some iPad apps: Super Mosaic For Kids:  This app costs $0.99. It introduces younger students to the concept of matching shapes to spaces (basic puzzles). TanZen Lite: This app is free, has a naturalistic look and students like the background music. This is my favourite free tangram […]

Rapid Recall of Number Facts

This article wasn’t written to validate or critique the use of drill and practice style activities within the classroom. I believe that rapid recall of basic number facts is still essential for students, therefore, I am sharing ideas for teachers on how to set up drill and practice style activities using iPads and or free online resources. Last year I trialled the use of drill and practice through iPads with […]

Programming Math using the Australian Curriculum

I have nearly finished a year’s worth of programs for my Year 3 class using the Australian Curriculum. I have created overview documents, unit plans and assessment rubrics. Yes, it has taken a long time. However, I thought I would share the programming format which I have used in case any one else would like to use it. I have created a video demonstration below and I have uploaded a […]

My Class Blog 2013

Even though this site is under construction, I though I would share it with the hope that it might inspire more teachers to get online with their class. Even if you don’t share this view, you may find the Math help web links, videos and apps useful or the assessment rubrics which are located under the program pages. Here is the link: http://3jv.weebly.com. Scroll down for information in relation to […]

TED-Ed online and TED for iPad

TED-Ed online provides free educational videos for students to watch and learn. Each video has a quick quiz, a set of higher order thinking tasks and links if students would like to ‘dig deeper’. The categories include The Arts, Business & Economics,  Health, Literature and Language, Mathematics, Psychology, Science & Technology, Social Studies and  Thinking & Learning.You can even customize your lessons by flipping the lesson. Below is a video introduction: You […]

Papa’s Burgeria, Cool Math’s latest game

Cool Maths provides a bank of interactive online Math games that students love and which can be played on your smartboard. Papa’s Burgeria is their latest game which involves logic, money and order. I must admit, I became hooked and played it for some time. A great to challenge all students. Another game which I particularly like is Lemonade Stand which can be used for students in Year 6 to […]

Resources for LOTE (Languages other than English)

After school today I presented a short session for a group of LOTE teachers. I provided the teachers with online interactive links  so that they could access interactive websites and or download pre-made SMART Notebook documents. Of particular interest for  French and Spanish teachers (regardless of the smart board brand  that they use) is a website called Crickweb. Language teachers can access (a)   Crickweb French (b) Crickweb Spanish  . Crickweb  also has a wealth of resources […]

Physicsgames.net : Free!

  This is great. I just happened to be sitting next to a teacher when a presenter asked, “What does Angry Birds have to do with education?”. I whispered, “Physics”. The teacher replied, “We use physicsgames.net which is free and online”. Thanks! I’m sorry I can’t remember your name. Physicsgames.net  is a great resource and her favourite games for primary students was magic pen . Thanks for sharing! If it […]