: Free!

  This is great. I just happened to be sitting next to a teacher when a presenter asked, “What does Angry Birds have to do with education?”. I whispered, “Physics”. The teacher replied, “We use which is free and online”. Thanks! I’m sorry I can’t remember your name.  is a great resource and her favourite games for primary students was magic pen . Thanks for sharing! If it […]

Get The Math

  “Get the Math combines video and web interactivity to help middle and high school students develop algebraic thinking skills for solving real-world problems. Drawing on conventions of popular reality TV shows, video segments begin with profiles of young professionals, who then pose challenges connected to their jobs to two teams of teens. Viewers are encouraged to try the challenges themselves using interactive tools provided on the Get the Math website […]

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is an online resource which enables secondary students and teachers to collect data, manage and analyse data. You can sign up for free on a basic plan but keep in mind, email address is required.  Students can create surveys selecting a range of question types and survey templates. They receive responses via email and results can be analysed online. There are plenty of  ‘ How to use Survey […]

Free online graph and chart generator

“Charts and graphs are a great tool because they communicate information visually. On you can design and share your own graphs online and for free”. The site supports bar charts, pie charts, line charts, bubble charts and radar plots. Students select a graph type, insert data, add labels and fonts, preview and then share graphs. This site is ideal for Year 3 to Year 8 students. Permission to use […]

Funbrain Reading for Primary Students

Funbrain Reading  is a great site for middle and upper primary students of all ages. There are online books for the middle years which  including Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinny and Camp Confidential by Melissa Morgan. Upper primary students will enjoy reading the online comics. Funbrain also offers a range of interactive literacy and math games which are listed under year level categories. Image came from free […]

Math playground

Math playground is a great site for middle and upper primary students. It contains a range of interactive math games, worded problems, videos and logic puzzles. Permission to use logo received by Colleen King 29/5/2012.

SMART Notebook Demonstration

Al Wolmer demonstrates how to construct an angle congruent to another angle using SMART Notebook software. The SMART Notebook used to create this video can be downloaded below. Please note, this document may be used for educational purposes only and may not be uploaded on any other website. Constructing_an_Angle_Congruent_to_Another_Angle_-_Wolmer[1]