Coding: Resources for Y5-6 Teachers and Students

Yesterday I collated coding resources from my Pinterest page for Year 5 and 6 teachers and created the slideshare below. Within the slideshare, you will find software, online games, robots and apps in order to support students learning to code. I have also posted the slide share on my technologies website with links to all of the resources. Here is the link: Year 5-6: Ideas for teaching coding from […]

Bizzare ideas set to become a reality and a sneek peak at the 2014 Horizon Report

Recently I have found two articles that I would like to share. The first is called, ‘Telstra chief technology Officer Dr Hugh Bradlow explains the bizzare ideas set to become a reality‘. This article explains how smart watches (pictured to the left) are about to go beserk, phones to become the centre of connected homes and how the modern day office can be anywhere in the world. I found the […]

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology refers to devices that can be worn by users that take the form of an accessory. “The benefit of wearable technology is that it can conveniently integrate tools, devices, power needs, and connectivity within a user’s everyday life and movements” (Horizon Report Wiki). Previously I  have blogged posts on wearable technology such as Google Glass Updates and Google Glass. Many teachers respond with the comment, ‘What will they […]

New Technology: Google Glass Update

In February I blogged an article on Google glasses. Since then, there have been many developments. Like them or not, they are predicted to be available for consumers at the end of the year or early  next year. Please note, my predicted dates may not be correct. Below is an updated video for interest purposes only.

New Training for teachers with ANDROID (Google Play) devices T3 2013

Yes, you read it correctly! Inter-tech Education are providing their first training session for Android users. Throughout this hands on presentation, Joanne will work with Joanne Szegedi (an experienced Android user and teacher), in order to demonstrate how to integrate a range of free apps for your classroom. The apps to be explored will be emailed to participants for downloading prior to the session. Date: Friday11th of October  2013 Time: 12:45-3:40 […]

EvoMouse: New technology

A new technology snap shot: This is a product demonstration, I have blogged it for interest purposes only. I do not recommend the purchase of the product as I have never trialed the product (blogged for information purposes). Please  note, we do not profit from any sales of any products,

Free online + tablet NAPLan Resources

Studyladder have announced that all teachers now have access to the NEW Naplan resource page without having to set up a free teacher account. There are free interactive and printable resources for teachers of Year 3, 5 and 7. Furthermore, the activities are tablet friendly, so they will work on most devices. There are an additional 150 NAPLan resources on the site but you need to create a free account. […]

ABC Splash: Free Australian Content from ABC TV and Radio

ABC Splash is currently in beta. It is a new site created by ABC which is packed with hundreds of video clips, audio clips and games for teachers and students. This interactive site features content linked to the new Australian Curriciulum. You cand search by year level or subject for both primary and secondary resources.   Source: Carol Grantham, St Aloysius College Animation: Heathers Animations

Rules On the Road for Digital Kids: Internet Filtering at Schools

Many schools throughout Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States filter online content with servers. “Internet-related risks commonly mentioned as threats to children include the risk of exposure to sexually inappropriate content; exposure to negative or intolerant beliefs and attitudes; cyber-bullying; contact with unwanted strangers; and access to inaccurate information” (Moyle, 2012, p.404). Whilst I acknowledge that malicious use of the Internet exists and the desire of educators to […]