Testing the functionality of your SMART board

This article is about how to orient your board and how to conduct a diagnostic test. Why would you want to do this? Because you work with your SMART board every day, so you need to be aware of its ware and tare. Follow these steps: 1.Align your board. 2.Go to that gallery and select large grid. 3.Trace every line. 4.Use your camera tool to create a screen capture of […]

Fraction Tiles

Today I discovered  an iPad app called Virtual Manipulatives which was created by ABYa.com and is currently free . This app explores fractions, percentages and decimals. To begin, you need to select fractions, decimals or percentages and then you drag across a piece. You can switch between fractions, decimals and percentages in order to explore equivalent amounts. There is also a drawing and eraser tool and the option to save. […]

Looking for ICT training?

Is yes, please visit events page. Friday March 8th is “Get Interactive for the Early Years” and Friday March 15th is “Digital Citizenship and Online Collaboration”. The first session is a SMARTboard session, the second has nothing to do with SMARTboards, just online collaborative learning environments.

Explain Everything for iPad or SMART recorder for smartboards

Explain Everything app ($2.99) is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. It records on-screen drawing, annotation, object movement and captures audio via the iPad microphone. For teachers who don’t have iPads at school but do have SMART interactive whiteboards, you can use your SMART recorder to achieve the same affects. The SMART recorder enables you to record  screen action like a movie […]

2 New Training Days during Term 1

Title: Get Interactive with the Early Years Date: Friday 8th March Suitable for Kindergarten – Year 1 teachers with  interactive SMART boards Descriptor: This session consists of three parts. The first two sessions will look at creating interactive activities for students with a focus on Maths, Literacy and Science. Participants will view and create their own interactive SMART Notebook resources. The third session will look at free interactive resources for […]

Australia Day 2013 Free Teacher Resources

I used SMART Notebook software to create the two resources below. You can view the video, download the Notebook document (if you have SMART Notebook software) or download SMART interactive viewer for free and then view the document. All I ask is that you acknowledge your source and that the resources are not uploaded onto any other website without my permission. If you are a creative user of another interactive […]

My Class Blog 2013

Even though this site is under construction, I though I would share it with the hope that it might inspire more teachers to get online with their class. Even if you don’t share this view, you may find the Math help web links, videos and apps useful or the assessment rubrics which are located under the program pages. Here is the link: http://3jv.weebly.com. Scroll down for information in relation to […]

Interactive Dice Games

With an outside temperature of 44 degrees Celsius today, it was the perfect opportunity to stay indoors and make some games. The documents below are SMART Notebook documents so you will require SMART Notebook software in order to open them. Alternatively, you can download SMART interactive viewer for free which will enable you to open and interact with the documents.   Dice_Games_1_JVillis Dice_Games_2_JVillis Scroll down for information in relation to […]

Infotopia: Free educational search engine

Infotopia  is a free, Google alternative  search engine for students, accessing only trusted websites which have previously been selected by a range of educators. Student searches are categorised under subject headings and then the search is narrowed by visual images/icons of the accredited websites. Do I use it? Not yet, I will trial it in 2013 with my new class. Advertising does appear on this search engine. Scroll down for […]

Lino- Sticky: Free online brainstorming resource

Lino-Sticky note is a free online canvas service which requires nothing more than a web browser and enables you to brainstorm ideas by posting ‘sticky notes’ and/or share photos. You can sign up for free and share your ideas with a selected group, which is great for online collaboration. It is also available for iPad/iPhone and Android. I wouldn’t use it with Primary students but secondary teachers may find it […]