Interactive TV vs Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive TVs are basically a LCD/LED TV with a touch sensitive overlay on top. Some models have a custom case that covers both parts so that they look like a single unit but internally they always have a video display and a touch surface. They can be connected to a computer and therefore functions like a ‘traditional’ interactive whiteboard for teaching. An interactive whiteboard on the other hand is a […]

Crickweb: Free online resources for Interactive Whiteboards

Crickweb has been a favourite website of mine for many years. It is a free online website with interactive games that work well on any interactive whiteboard. You can search via early stage, stage 1 or stage 2 and then narrow your search by selecting a curriculum area. There are 253 free educational resources in total, happy browsing.

Draw It Live

Draw it Live is a free application that allows you to work together with other people to draw in real time. You simply create a whiteboard and share its URL to allow other people to join in. No password is required, and no special plugins are required. It also allows users to communicate via text. This online resource would work well for teachers who have students with laptops.


Image: SMART Notebook Gallery Image A little early, but I will revisit this blog post later.  I have uploaded some SMART Notebook documents which I have created. You may download them and use them for educational purposes. I have also included a short video explaining elements of the Notebook documents. Hal_Hist_JVillis (updated 24/10) EY_Hal_JVilis Hal_Exp_JVillis Hal_Pyt_Th_JVillis Halloween Attendance Notebook By CLandry Halloween Adjectives By N deBettencourt Revolting Recipes Comprehension (scroll half […]

Scribblar – Free interactive online whiteboard

Scribblar is a free online collaboration tool that is great for online learning. I really like Scribblar because it is very similar to the basic SMART Notebook software tools (ie pen, shapes, lines etc).  It has a simple, user friendly interface. There is also a chat window on the side bar so that users can talk to each other while working. There is even a live chat system if you […]