Teacher’s Feedback After Our Training

All feedback is welcome. At the end of a workshop teachers are invited to share their thoughts. I have openly shared both positives and negatives in relation to the training that we have offered. Please note, I also use this information to improve the quality of our training and venue selection.

October 2013: ” Very informative and practical. I like how it was adapted to suit the needs of participants. Great to be inspired on using this technology with our children. Thank you” (Bridget, Campbelltown Children’s Centre).

October 2013: “It was very interesting. I could see the presenters passion towards ICT. Great content but they didn’t cover all the apps that they wanted me to download. However, the workshop was great. I’d prefer a central location” (anonymous).

October 2013: “Good hand outs, I could add my own notes” (anonymous).

October 2013: “Fantastic! Really engaging and enthusiastic. Enjoyed the presenters style and the opportunity to experiment with apps. Great space and yummy snacks. Love the coffee bags” (anonymous).

October 2013: “Very useful applications. Easy to follow, exciting new technologies. Extremely motivating! Great coffee and lollies” (anonymous).

October 2013: “Today was very informative. Very clear and easy to follow and understand. Having a smaller group made today feel comforting and easy to access the presenters attention when needed. All of the information and resources were great and I can’t wait to use them with a clearer understanding and confidence. The venue was great but the Internet sucked!” (anonymous).

October 2013: ” Wonderfully enthusiastic! Excellent, organised and relevant. Easy parking” (Pam Pahl, Reynella East College).

October 2013: “Very informative, loads of ideas, good to have time to actually play around with apps. The venue was good” (anonymous).

September 2013: “All positive, thank you. Great venue and catering” (anonymous).

September 2013: “Useful and practical information. It was a good idea to email apps before the session so that we could use them as you went through them  on our own iPad” (J Shannon).

September 2013: “The presenters were very friendly and delivered an informative presentation. It was a little distracting having a door which kept locking” (anonymous).

September 2013: “The presenters and content was interesting, useful and practical. The venue was fine and the catering was good, but you had to be quick” (anonymous).

September 2013: “Excellent. Lots of relevant information to use in the classroom”
(P Miles).

September 2013: “Great presentations, thanks to you both. I would like name tags/stickers and where teachers are from as teachers like to network. If time permits, get people around the room to introduce themselves. The venue was great but there were obvious Internet issues” (K Reichett).

September 2013: “The presenter was fabulous. Thanks for all the great apps. It was a bit slow moving at times though” (anonymous).

September 2013: “The lack of Internet connectivity posed problems for ease of access to apps. It was nice to have a snack” (anonymous).

September 2013: “Lots of information to pursue later. Many new ideas to share with colleagues. An opportunity to explore different aspects of the iPad. Good opportunity to learn with colleagues. Venue was well set up” ( B Bennet).

September 2013: “It would have been useful to know that we should update to IOS7 before the session. I think I would have got more from the session. Would have like to look at Teacherkit” (anonymous).

September 2013: “Didn’t get to go through all of the apps, may need a longer session to get through them. Wifi was slow and it cut out. Catering was good” (Raelene and Edwina).

September 2013: “Great PD. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience” (anonymous).

September 2013: “Presenters were confident and flexible. They answered questions immediately, very resourceful” (anonymous).

September 2013: “iPad apps for K-Y2, most was fabulous but some apps were possibly too young?” (Anonymous).

September 2013: “I’ve attended the following sessions by Inter-tech Education;(1) iPad apps for K-Y2 (2) iPad apps for Y3-Y6 (3) Using your iPad as a Professional Learning Tool. I would also like to come to any sessions during the January holidays” (Jane E).

September 2013: “Very happy with the presenters, very interesting information” (anonymous).

September 2013: ” Clare was informative. Didn’t go too quickly. Internet too slow, kept getting kicked off. Couldn’t really play with apps” (anonymous).

September 2013: “Excellent, great venue but the Internet was frustrating. I would love to come to your workshops every holidays. We are very isolated in XXX in terms of specialists ICT teachers and support” (anonymous).

September 2013: “The presenter covered a wide range. At times it was a bit quick to take in and maybe it would have been better over a longer period rather than 3 hours. It was great to have hands on things that I can use. The venue and food were good”
(J Mc Shane).

April 2013: “I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned so much about setting up class websites.” (Adrianna, Park Side Primary)

April 2013:” I loved the conference, I learned a lot about digital procedures especially copyright issues with pictures. Designing and making a website for our class was a huge success, you were very patient and explained clearly the steps involved. Parents have been very impressed with the result. Information on apps for the ipad has also been very useful with lots of new ideas. I would recommend this workshop to everyone”. (Noreen, St Mary’s Memorial School)

April 2013: “Thanks for yesterday. I can’t wait to share what I have learned with my friends and colleagues! It has been so useful for my planning… the possibilities are mind boggling…!” (Alea, St Davids Primary).

April 2013: “I found the workshop excellent and think I have almost finished my website” (Raeleene, Parafield Gardens PS).

January 2013: “The training our school had with Joanne was terrific. It was engaging, well paced and presented. Jo was able to differentiate her presentation to suit the range of skills of our staff, providing us with resources, tutorials and knowledge. We left the training excited to include our new skills in our lessons” (Bek, Principal, Fisk Street Primary).

January 2013: “Best ICT training and development I have ever been to. Hands on, interactive and full of practical ideas to support any teacher who wishes to create an ICT savvy classroom” (Simon, Hillcrest P.S).

January 2013: “A fantastic valuable day that helped me learn how to use my Interactive Whiteboard interactively. My kids love all the new ways we now use out IWB” (Carly, R-1 Teacher).

December 2012: “I saw your presentation about using music & the SMART Board at the Teacher2Teacher Conference last year.I’m a SMART Certified Education Consultant, but a former classroom teacher with an undergrad degree in Music Education – so I really took to some of your examples!” (Sasha, Canada).

October 2012: “Love your resources. So glad I came to two of your sessions today, and two more tomorrow! Wish I could make them all!” (Kylie, Primary School Teacher, NSW).

September 2012: “Loved your sessions at the conference last week. Thank you” (Heather, Primary School Teacher, SA).

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