Finding the Equation of a Parabola Given Three Points it Goes Through

This video tutorial demonstrates the method for finding the equation of a parabola given three points it goes through. The resulting equations for a, b, & c are solved using matrices and a TI-84+ calculator.

Allen Wolmer

Al is from New York City but has called Atlanta home for almost thirty years. A Civil Engineer by education (The Cooper Union, Columbia University), Al retired from industry ten years ago and has been pursuing his passion since then: teaching mathematics. He is Head of the Math Department at Yeshiva Atlanta High School. Al is also a reader for the College Board, so every June he and 850 of his closest friends gather in Kansas City to read and score the free response questions from the AP Calculus exams. Al has also become expert in the efficient use of SMART Boards to teach high school math (Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus). Al is a SMART Exemplary Educator and has presented at numerous math conferences in the USA and Canada.

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