Social Media in Education

Students today have grown up within a world of pervasive technology. It allows them to connect with more people, in more ways, more often.Described as, “Gen-X, Millennials, the Nintendo and Net Generation” (Tapscott, 1997; Oblinger, 2003; Olsen, 2005), these students blog, play games in immersive 3-D worlds, listen to podcasts, instant message friends, listen to music, author their own video for and collaborate on the creation of ‘digital stories’ for their ePortfolio” (Duffy, 2008, p.119). They see technology as improving their communication (Murray, 2008, p.9).

I found the video below and thought I would share it. What forms of technology are you integrating in your classroom?

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Murray, C. (2008) Schools and social networking: Fear or education, Synergy Perspectives : Local, 6 (1), 8-12. 

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