Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is an online resource which enables secondary students and teachers to collect data, manage and analyse data. You can sign up for free on a basic plan but keep in mind, email address is required. ¬†Students can create surveys selecting a range of question types and survey templates. They receive responses via email and results can be analysed online. There are plenty of ¬†‘ How to use Survey Monkey’ videos on YouTube.

I used Survey Monkey to present a unit of work based on eBay. As eBay is one of the top market places for buying and selling, I thought it would be engaging for students (please note, students don’t actually sell/buy anything on eBay). I would use the video below to engage students and they they used a PMI to analyse eBay before conducting their Survey Monkey tasks.

Here is a copy of the Survey Monkey tasks in SMART Notebook format:


Please note, the Notebook resource above is for educational purposes only and may not be uploaded onto any other website. Survey Monkey is also great for Studies of Society.

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