Net Nanny: Filtering software for parents

Before you read this post, please note, I did not, nor will profit from any sales of Net Nanny. I have recommended this software after a student of mine viewed an extremely inappropriate website at home and her parents asked for advise. You may find this useful if you have a parent approach you with a similar situation.

“Did you know that during 2010, over 58,630 new websites were added each day to the Internet? Net Nanny, parental control software,  provides categorization of websites in real time as you surf. This means the content on any given web page is determined as you browse and doesn’t rely on a set list. This technology ensures all web pages are appropriately categorized to protect web viewers, even when new content was added just seconds before viewing.  It determines the use of words or phrases in context”.

Even though I usually only promote free products, I highly recommend Net Nanny as it is affordable for families, $39.95 (AUS) single use licence or $59.95 (AUS) for a family pack. Permission to use logo and link sites received 12/6/2012 by S McLeod.

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