IWBNet ITL Master Conference Resources

I have uploaded some resources from today’s conference, resources are  visual, just like out students!

Resources from Greg Gebhart’s Key Note:

1. Six emerging technologies have been identified as likely to have an impact on learning, teaching and creativity in higher education over the next 1 to 5 years:

1. Mobile apps and tablet computing

2. Game based learning and Learning analytics

3. Gesture based computing and the Internet of things

2. App for frogs: My thought, initially cruel but then justice prevails!

3. World Lens App: Real Time Augmented Reality Translator

4. Drum set iPad app:

5. 3D  pop up book iPad app

6. If you think that was cool check this out: Mike Mantos TED Talk (A next generation digital book)

7. Using QR codes in the classroom

What I discovered playing with Google docs!

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