RE Resources Online: Catholic Education, the Internet and Learning

RESource is a response by the Catholic Education Office Melbourne to the challenge and opportunity offered by the Internet for learning both in and beyond the classroom. Its aim is to help Catholic educators to use the extraordinary technological advances of our time to fulfill the gospel imperative: “Go out to all of the world and tell the good news”. The site offers liturgy resources and Primary/Secondary curriculum materials which can be downloaded in word or PDF format.

Together At One Altar Together at One Altar is a resource for school aged children in years F-12 in Australia to develop their formation in the Eucharist and assist their full, active and conscious participation in the Eucharist. This is a great site which included a combination of video, text and images.

St Mary MacKillop  website is a beautiful website outlining her story, legacy, pilgrimage and canalization. The site also offers an online prayer space, gallery and additional resources.

Fraynework which is  based in Melbourne, Australia is the creator of all these resources. They are prompted by the values of the Gospel and the Mercy tradition, to give voice to people whose stories are untold, to foster social cohesion and action for justice through the creation of compelling forms of digital communication and storytelling. Permission to use images sent 19/7/2012.

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