TED-Ed online and TED for iPad

TED-Ed online provides free educational videos for students to watch and learn. Each video has a quick quiz, a set of higher order thinking tasks and links if students would like to ‘dig deeper’. The categories include The Arts, Business & Economics,  Health, Literature and Language, Mathematics, Psychology, Science & Technology, Social Studies and  Thinking & Learning.You can even customize your lessons by flipping the lesson. Below is a video introduction:

You can also download the TED app for use on an iPad which enables you to view a large range of TED talks. Once you have downloaded this app, if you select ‘Inspire Me’ at the bottom of the screen, you can select a category and then indicate how much time you have to watch a video. If  you only have 10 minutes it will search for 10minutes or less videos for you to watch under your chosen category. Thank you to Mark Sparvell for sharing this resource and 10×10.

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