SMART recorder, wikis and edublogs

The SMART recorder is great. It is easy to use and allows you to record lessons live or pre-recorded lessons.  To share your videos online with students you will need a YouTube account which is free and your chosen online source (ie wikispaces, edublog, edmodo etc). In the video below I have demonstrated how to use the SMART recorder briefly and then how you can embedd your video into an edublog or wikispace. If you find another video on YouTube that you would like to embedd in your existing edublog or wikispace the same actions apply. Furthermore, embedding videos is not a breach of copy right! Below are the steps:
1. When you find a video that you like on YouTube, just under the video there is an icon that says share, select this.
2. Then select embedd.
3. Select the bottom 2 options (enable privacy enhanced mode and use old embedd code).
4. Right click copy the html code (this is all the information inside the box below)

5. Follow the instuctions in the video below for a wikispace or edublog

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