Sky Dome

I don’t normally promote products or services which cost money but Sky Watch Astronomy Education Programs are sensational experiences for students. Dean Davidson from the Astronomy Society of SA (based in Adelaide, Australia) visits your school with a 3D Mirror Dome which enables students to view spectacular 360 degree images. Students at my school experienced the Earth’s Wild Ride showcasing moments in the Earth’s history, with dinosaur extinctions, volcanoes, floods and Ice Ages, as pictured from an imaginary Moon settlement during a solar eclipse in 2081.It costs approximately $5 AUS per student. Here are Dean’s contact details and here is the link to the website .

Below is the link to a wiki space that I created called, ‘My Place in Space’. It includes online lesson plans, interactive weblinks, embedded video clips, SMART Notebook documents and a complete unit plan which can be downloaded as a word document.

An additional interactive website that I found on Danny Nicholson’s blog site is the solar system scope which is very impressive. You can also visit 7 cool iPad apps from NASA.

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