Christmas Resources Already?

In Australia, we are coming up to Term 4, a short 8 week teaching period. Therefore, I thought I would upload some Christmas resources early so that teachers could use these resources for their planning if they choose.

Part 1: Non-commercial Resources (Catholic Faith)
I have uploaded 5 smartboard documents and word document which I created. They can be downloaded for educational purposes only. Two are based on the Infancy Narratives according to Matthew and Luke. Primary students find these versions hard to comprehend because they contain different elements from the commercial Christmas narratives. The idea behind the two smartboard documents  is to allow students to read the text from the pull tab and then  drag the images to retell the story in their own words (they can even use SMART recorder to record their movements and dialogue). The notebook called ‘The Nativity of Luke and Matthew’ looks at similarities and differences between the two Narratives.  The other smartboard document is a carol (Oh Come Oh Ye Faithful) which is an example of how sound files can be embedded within your smartboard software.

Remember, if you don’t have SMART Notebook software you can download SMART Notebook viewer and then you will be able to access these document. There are also other smartboard Christmas links below.

1.  Inf_Nar_Luke_JVillis   
2.  Inf_Nar_Matt_JVillis
3.  Luke_Mat_Comp_JVillis
4. 3_Gifts_Activities_JVillis
5. Advent_Wreath_JVillis
6. Oh_Come_All_Ye_faithful

Web Links:
1. Catholic Mass Preparation
a) The Priest prepares for Mass
b) Preparing the Church for Mass
c) The Priest – Gestures and Actions
d) Liturgical Colours and Seasons
e) The Meaning of Mass
2. NGfL Christmas Story
3. TopMarks Nativity Story
4. RE Quest Christmas (THIS IS GREAT!)
5. Christmas Songs (

Part 2: Commercial Resources for Christmas

1. Math_Think_Skills_JVillis (Touch to reveal questions/answers)
2. K-R_Literacy_Ideas_1_JVillis
3. Twas the Night Before Christmas (Video instruction link)
4. Twas_the_night_before_christmas
5. Christmas_activiity_ideas_JVillis (word doc)

Web Links:
2. Santa Clause Through the Ages
3. Christmas Around the World
4.  Reindeer Orchestra (JP)
5. Free Christmas Worksheets
6. TES iboard make a Christmas Card
8. Christmas Games (from Primary Games)
9. 10+100 Creative Commons Christmas Songs
10. Super Teacher Worksheets ( you need to subscribe, but for $20 per year this is my favourite subscription site)

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