iPad Mini and Top 60 free apps for 2012

Techradar.com is unashamedly geeky about technology and they are the largest UK-based consumer technology news and reviews site. The iPad Mini link will provide you with updated information about the release date and what the iPad  will have to offer.

In terms of Education, I think the predicted cost of the iPad Mini is more realistic for most schools compared to the current cost of the iPad. I recently blogged an article about the use of the iPod touch in Education and referred to my son’s opinion that it is too small to share with a friend. Well, the iPad Mini predicted size is  7.58 inches/192.4 mm which is much larger than the iPad touch which is approximately 4.86inches/123.4 mm. Will schools hold off on purchasing iPads if they haven’t purchased them already until the iPad Mini is available? Will android be releasing a similar, smaller but more affordable version? Will the screen size be large enough for multiple students to share the device at the same time? Time will tell.

When you are visiting the site you may also like to view the ‘Top 60 best free iPad apps for 2012’. Although some are not for Educational use, there are a large number of apps which are suitable. You can also view  Techradar.com’s top 10 free iPad apps in action.

Thank you to Carol Grantham for advising me about this resource.

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